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Funniest Blog

What Aristotle was trying to say is that in life, nothing’s so serious that we should let it destroy our sense of humor, and nothing so silly that we should blind ourselves to the truths it might be carrying. Juggling… Continue Reading →

Best Team Blog

The Best Team Blog is born from the synthesis of ideas. Most anime blogs start out as solo writers, while some choose the less beaten path of a team blog. However, in recent years, team blogs are getting more popular… Continue Reading →

Best Satire Blog

Oh yay. If “Funniest Blog” were the day of The Anime Blog Awards, then “Best Satire Blog” would be the night. Both contain humor, but it’s the delivery and portrayal of that humor that draws a line between the two…. Continue Reading →

Best Manga Blog

To be worthy of the title of Best Manga Blog, it must excel in several features. Besides the obvious qualities of good grammar and writing coherency, the blog must present his manga reviews featuring it’s assets and defects in a… Continue Reading →

Best Episodic Blog

The Best Episode Summary blog should possess several qualities. First, the visuals of the entries should be neat and facilitate the discussion of the episode or series. Entries in this category should possess decent grammar, punctuation, structure and sentence flow… Continue Reading →

Best Dorama

Ah, Drama, the spice of life. It gets people talking. It inflames passions. It cooks the little weenie dogs that is served at parties if it’s hot enough. The best dorama (or most talked about issue) has to possess one… Continue Reading →

ABA Results: The People’s Choice Awards Are Out!

Time for rampage! Yes, it feels good to come back from a vacation, only to realize that everyone else is waiting for the release of the results. Where did all my committee members go? In simple human language, I got… Continue Reading →

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