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When was the last time a bit of writing about anime made you think? Or manga, for that matter? Have you ever caught yourself in an existential moment as your eyes glazed over on the castoffable panties of a 1:8 figure, or been brought to your knees on a dark and stormy night, overwhelmed by the sheer burden of living as you click on yet another linked Carameldansen YouTube video?

This category is for those moments (no, not the figure and Carameldansen ones, I was just joking). Sentences that reminded you of the important things. Pieces that dissected something to its core, incisive posts that opened your eyes to the wonder of another perspective. Musings that made you dwell on something for more than just its airtime and the subsequent afterglow. People that made you appreciate what you were watching a lot more, and gave you a new level of understanding hitherto unknown.

This category is for them.

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