Why advertise this on your blog?

Well, I can understand why the voters are limited to bloggers, because otherwise blogs like Random Curiosity would just take away every prize imaginable. It’s indeed a bit elitist, but most readers just keep to one or two blogs, and it would just turn into a strange popularity-contest. Jeff does have a point, though, as posting on your blog does seem a bit strange of an advertisement.

– From Psgels commenting in Animenano forums

My answer: Reader involvement will come at the stage of voting. We have a blogger’s choice awards where bloggers vote first. We have the reader’s choice where the public will vote too. Hence, there is involvement, just not now. The whole intention of spreading the news is to remind everyone about this, to churn out some interest. It’s going to be hard to gather any anticipation by readers if everyone posts at the same time. So, I do hope that all of you give it some chance or awareness by posting about this awards. We will also be posting up information about this reader’s choice soon.

The nominations are done by bloggers because we do not want an extreme case of popularity where we have a very limited number of blogs in for nominations. There’s a much higher chance that public nominations will result in an overly skewed distribution of popular blogs being nominated than it is already.

I am not interested and do not care!

After visiting the site, and sifting through the list of participants, I’ve noted that not a single animeblogger from the Philippines is participating. Well that’s kind of an odd one, since I’ve seen glances of anime fans waiting for their passion for the hobby to unfold. Oh well, at least it’s certain that I won’t be in, as you know.

– From Ronin in Picture Perfect Paranoia

My answer:If everyone gives a nonchalant behavior because “I ain’t gonna win”, “I don’t care” and “Awards are popularity contests”, “I am too popular for this award!”, the awards will not work. That might be a reason why everyone has been deterred from trying to make an awards. The truth is that this award not only celebrates the good blogs, and also through many of its design, promote new and good blogs. As nominations can be changed, your nomination at a good blog might change the landscape of another new blog. It’s not just a popularity contest or something that deliberately creates dorama. The structure attempts to limit it, if you think about it carefully.

These organizers are not credible!

What disturbs me about the nominations:
1. I never heard of 90% of the nominated blogs, and 95% of the participating blogs.
2. Riuva was nominated in almost every category. Bah!
3. I have no idea who’s doing this and what their credentials are to be doing such a thing. And they don’t tell you.
4. I can find no entries before 3/18/08 at this site; in fact, their registgration didn’t exist before then
5. The message: “We need money. Badly.  Donate Now.”

I think I’ll be steering clear of this…

– Ubu roi commenting in Kawaii Menace

My answer: We are not a shadow group since it’s decently obvious who is in this. We are not trying very hard to be secret. It’s just that we do not want to put bias on anyone on nomination. For e.g. “Oh shi-, Impz is organizing this, so we should put that anime blog in one of the nominations if not he might be meh.”. I want to avoid the situation and reveal the committee after everything is over officially. However, we have revealed it on the front page of the website due to various concerns about transparency and how we are doing it to up our pagerank.

Exploration is the key. We hope that the awards will allow participants to be exposed to other anime blogs in existence. On diversity issues, it’s impossible to control the nominations. We cannot say something like “you cannot vote popular blogs, you must hate them and vote for only indie blogs”. There is a reason for blogs’ popularity in general, and that is good content after getting initial traffic from other blogs’ hyperlinks. Blogs are popular because they are good at marketing themselves coupled with great content.

This idea behind the project has been floating around for at least 9 months. It is the first time that anything has been created for the anime blogs, and I welcome you to join. If no one bothers about the community (like how 90% of all anime bloggers cannot care less), someone else has to pick up the slack. Our aim in this project is to expose anime bloggers to others in order to know more. We wish for new bloggers to have some chance to promote themselves, the older bloggers to update themselves and the good bloggers to gain recognition. It will not be possible if everyone are just happy within themselves, dismissing it without giving it a chance to survive.

This is just a popularity contest

Most awards nowadays like these are made of popularity contests and nothing else. Firm decision you made, one I commend.

– Panther commenting in Furu Anime Panikku

My answer: Well, it depends. There’s always an element of popularity in awards, but We try our best in this event to promote new blogs as well. Quite a few functions on the site facilitate new blogs, and we are intending to create a “Sundance” version (for less popular blogs) to celebrate the blogs that deserve more attention. If anyone’s excuse is that someone is not inside which is why this anime blog awards is in shitstorm, I have four words to offer. Less talk, more action.

We are going to have the Indie version (for newer blogs) after this in the near future. Requirements will be set in a way (it’s in the preliminary stage) that popular blogs cannot be voted. That will give anime bloggers two award ceremonies to look forward to in a year. This, I believe, will make it worthwhile for everyone. It’s in our long term plans if it works well and we have many anime bloggers involved in this endeavor. 

You said you want to include small blogs!

What we’ll probably see, however, is a skew towards the popular blogs anyway with the “top 5″ rule. Is there a better way to include smaller blogs? Probably. Do I know of one? No. But this is the kind of thing you could’ve discussed in an open forum instead of keeping things closed to your small group so that it would at least seem more “fair” when the rules have finally been announced.

– From Hung commenting in Animenano forums

My answer: The intention to get the newer blogs is part of the plan, but we cannot start off with the “Sundance” version because we want to get everyone involved in this thing first. Without any recognition or precedent, no one will be that involved. We need to run through it once to show some form of credibility, or whether we can do that. 

Stop spamming!

This morning I received an email from those guys doing the awards. To their credit it was directly addressed to me, by name, even though the body of the email was obviously a canned message. Did you receive such a thing? I’m wondering how widely they cast their spam net.

– Steven Den Beste commenting in Kawaii Menace

My answer: Yes, I(Impz, you can do a google search on anime blog to find out who I am) emailed all of you. I made the effort to go to each blog personally. I didn’t do any special crawling/spamming methods. I make the effort to find each blog one by one, trying to find social isolates that are not linked well by other anime blogs. Every single email is addressed by the blogger’s name and it really frustrates me when people do not have a contact page/form. I am trying hard to reach every one of you to make sure that it’s a community effort. It will not go down as just some concentrated circle-jerk congregation of anime bloggers where everyone knows each other. I want to reach out to everyone, even if I don’t read your blog.

It’s just an attempt to circle jerk

It is indeed easy to see the whole thing as a circle wank of the top-level bloggers because it’s obvious that the popular blogs will win the category they’re in. This causes some people to start automatically building a massive inferiority complex which results in behavior somewhat like your average tsundere-girl; claiming hard not to care or give two shits about the whole thing, but still being obviously interested.

– NovaJinx in Jinx!

NovaJinx’s answer (not mine, because he gave a perfect answer): As for my opinion on Anime Blog Awards as a small scale blogger, I do understand that for the most part it’s an already set game. However, even though there is no way I can get anywhere close to winning in the categories Jinx! is in (big thanks to Bitten for the nomination), the ABA is a precious opportunity for me to market my blog. Impz, the sort of main man behind the ABA, hardly has expressed this too many times and I very much agree with him. The function of the ABA is not only to recognize the obvious top-level blogs but to help smaller blogs to get some publicity.

The committee are just super friends!

If you don’t mind I would like to know who else is among this ABC (I’m guessing I could just check the Anime Blog Awards as I think that is the group of Superfriends that I noticed seem to be supporting and voting for each other in the rather laughable competition that just screams trouble ahead) and if possible just a touch more about it because this might change my perspective a little bit.

– Kaioshin_sama in When Anime Past meets Present

My answer: My choices are the committee members are to complement my skills. Mellow_bunny and Akai are recruited for their great technical expertise. Owen S is perhaps one of the most brutally honest people I have met, and will be a good enforcer against stupidity. In addition, he is decently famous in the anime blogosphere. TheBigN is calm and collected, able to pick up the pieces after a major argument between Me and Owen (which happens very darn often). In addition, he provides a different view point and not that well defined compared to me and Owen S. I hope that clarifies why I choose the committee members this way.

Why must we nominate in 9 categories

why do we need to do at least 9 categories

– Deranged in IRC

It’s to fulfill our goal that all anime bloggers explore around blogs that they will not frequent and understand the community a little better.

There’s no point! I won’t win

That said, if you’re sitting around your little corner of the Internet sulking because the other guys are getting the love then you’re missing the point. If you’re missing this opportunity to step out of your personal box and say, “Hey look, I think you’re missing this other guy, who’s good and deserves attention” then well, shucks, that’s no one’s fault but your own. In the end, yeah the system’s got problems, but any system is going to have problems. But if you choose not to participate because it might not be the most perfect thing in the world, I think you’re missing out on a grand opportunity. In fact, I encourage everyone to step out of their little section of the playground for a minute and pick a blog at random off of the list. Any blog. Make this contest your own, because yeah, the big guys might win, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only game in town.


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