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The Best Team Blog is born from the synthesis of ideas. Most anime blogs start out as solo writers, while some choose the less beaten path of a team blog. However, in recent years, team blogs are getting more popular as there is a trend of more intense collaboration and an increasing need to gain a growing and fragmented audience.

A team blog should possess some qualities that are uncommon in solo blogs. A team blog should provide different aspects in anime due to the different influences of authors within the blog. A team blog should provide a well rounded and regular update of entries that is generally not possible with a solo blogger for extended periods of time. Collaborations within the team blog should be a feature in order to incite different viewpoints and knowledge. Team blogs should also give enough differentiation to their bloggers, so each individual has their personal style and differentiation.

A Great Team Blog achieves all of the following and understands the balance between diversity and convergence of ideas.

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