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Oh yay.

If “Funniest Blog” were the day of The Anime Blog Awards, then “Best Satire Blog” would be the night. Both contain humor, but it’s the delivery and portrayal of that humor that draws a line between the two. “Funny” makes you laugh and get warm-fuzzies inside and all kinds of other romantic sounding garbage. “Satire” makes you let out that evil little chuckle or cackle at the top of your lungs with malicious intent. Satire points out the flaws in everything, but in a way that comes across as enjoyable, humorous, and entertaining. How do you know it’s satire and not just humor? If you take out the humor in satire, whatever you’re reading would come across as incredibly pessimistic. Good satire is being able to laugh at the flaws in yourself, the things you love, and the things you love to hate.

To qualify for the “Best Satire Blog” award, you can’t just be funny. You’ve got to be twisted, sarcastic, ironic, maybe even downright EVIL! The best satirical blogs bring their readers back time after time because, despite having a slightly pessimistic approach, they still provide readers with immense amounts of twisted humor…all while continuing to give them the summaries, reviews, etc that they need. Satire is a means to an end for bloggers, giving them the opportunity to unleash their sarcasm and wit in an informative, meaningful way.

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