ABA Results: The People’s Choice Awards Are Out!

Time for rampage!

Yes, it feels good to come back from a vacation, only to realize that everyone else is waiting for the release of the results. Where did all my committee members go? In simple human language, I got back 2 days ago after my 3 week vacation, realized that the results are not released on the due date (June 1st). I went into a WTF mode and got it done within 3 hours. Without further ado, we present to you the results of the people’s choice awards. After close to 800 over legitimate voters, we finally came up with the winners for each category.

The winners, coming right up, after the break.

Best Episodic Blog Random Curiosity 

Best Editorial Blog Hop Step Jump 

Best Team Blog THAT Anime Blog 

Best Manga Blog THAT Anime Blog 

Most Influential Blog Danny Choo

Rookie of the Year Borderline Hikikomori 

Best Dorama Ramblings of DarkMirage 

Funniest Blog Derailed by Darry 

Best Satire Blog Ex-Fansubber Hitorigoto 

Best Seiyuu-Orientated Blog j1m0ne’s blog 

Most Thought-Provoking Blog Hop Step Jump 

Best Blog-related Comic Mistakes of Youth 

Best Figurine Blog Danny Choo 

Best Art/Doujin/Visual Novel Blog Heisei Democracy 

Best News Blog Danny Choo

However, this is not the end. After the popular vote, we will also be releasing the Blogger’s choice. Who are the blogs that have earned the most respect from fellow bloggers.

We will be giving you the answer soon.

Use this trackback link to reference on this post, or perhaps flame it with tons of blogging love.

We look forward to your feedback.

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